Founded in 2014 by a veteran of the U.S. Army, with the goal to provide Enterprise Level support to the average small business.

With I.T. cost management our priority for your business, we spend countless hours researching, analyizing, and prioritizing all aspects of information technology that could possibly relate to your business. Established on the need for High Quality I.T. services, with focus on customer education, and service excellence, and the lack of small business friendly options in the market. By leveraging cloud based technologies we are able to provide top level services for a sustainable rate.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the average person leverage technology to their advantage so that their personal and business goals may be accomplished. By doing so, together we may technologically move forward and continue to pursue new and exciting goals and enable the technology that must exist to achieve these goals to be developed.

Our Goal

To provide true cloud based Information Technology Infrastructre Support to any business that requires it.

Our Focus

Many service companies provide technical professional services but lose the customer service aspect of this. We pride ourselves on having highly trained employees with both technical intelligence and emotional intelligence. We understand that many people don't have a desire or need to understand the details of our industry, and we do our best to help you at the level you need to be helped at with the utmost of attentiveness to customer service. We accomplish this by emplamenting:

  • Technical Proficiency
  • Business Intelligence
  • Service Excellence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Effective Communication

Our skills

Our trained staff has skills across the board, to cover any support needs you may encounter.

Microsoft Operating Systems / Software Suites
Apple Operation Systems / Software Suites
Linux Operating Systems / Software Suites
Android Operating Systems and Apps
Cisco Networking Equipment
Juniper Networking Equipment
Poly Comm Phone Systems
VMware Virtual Technology
Drupal CMS
Joomla CMS
And much, much more...

Global services

Our Global Operations Team can cover you wherever you go.

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